Why the Department of Criminal Justice?

Our undergraduate program in Criminal Justice (B.S.) meets the academic needs of both pre professional students and those already employed in the criminal justice and juvenile justice systems. The program focuses on the preparation of criminal justice professionals with advanced competencies in such specialties as policing, courts, corrections, and the law. In addition, many of our graduates go on to enter a graduate program in Criminal Justice or complete their legal education in law school.

Our curriculum for the bachelors, masters, and doctorate has been streamlined in order to enhance student choice and expand the number of courses available for specialization. In addition, our programs offer internships to those students with limited or no experience in the criminal justice profession. We also offer a PhD program in Criminal Justice and Criminology. Courses are designed to prepare students as future scholars and researchers. Some students enter the program directly from their bachelor’s program as M.S./ Ph.D. students, while others enter as Ph.D. students after completing the masters degree.

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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

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Master of Science in Criminal Justice

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Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice and Criminology

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